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The Corona crisis reveals the risk of economic impairment triggered by the collapse of supply chains and the closure of production facilities. To avoid supply bottlenecks, it is therefore necessary to identify production-, system-, and crisis-relevant goods and their supply routes in advance. The project develops the technical requirements for the preventive analysis of crisis and disaster situations and thus enables decisions to be made to increase the resilience of supply networks. The solution is based on two complementary perspectives. On the one hand, resilience and crisis effects for concrete value chains are focused on at the company level; on the other hand, cross-value chain effects at the level of markets, industry ecosystems, regions or the overall economy. Although the project approach is designed for companies of all sizes, industries and sectors, its initial implementation is oriented towards manufacturing, wholesale and retail including suppliers and logistics, and agriculture.


Industrial use cases of the partners infineon and Siemens bring focal points from the areas of production and supply chains into the project and, together with a large number of associated partners, drive the development of realistic questions and resilient generic solutions. Partner DATEV, through its network of consultants, manages data from approximately 2.6 million German companies (including approximately 73 percent of German SMEs). In addition, DIW contributes its broad and historical data pool since 1925 to the project.

A wide range of user benefits can be expected, e.g., in connection with the maintenance or flexible adaptation of value chains or supply chains, but also in the design of professional consulting services or public funding measures.

  • Optimization of demand forecas: increase of planning flexibility and planning reliabilityt
  • Resilient production Risk mitigation with regard to critical parameters, e.g. production and storage sites, production processes, supply chains
  • Cross-value chain resilience:: analysis of sector ecosystems in production, agriculture and trade from different perspectives

Project partners

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