Project participants

A consortium of 11 project partners will implement the project; the consortium leader is the Leipzig InfAI, Competence Center for Efficient Technology Integration, project coordinator: Dr. Michael Martin.

In total work with:

  • research institutes – InfAI from Leipzig, the HiteC Institute from Hamburg, and the L3S and TIB at the University of Hannover. The institutes will support the project from a scientific and technological perspective, especially in the area of semantic technologies/knowledge graphs and machine learning;
  • medium-sized technology partners – eccenca GmbH, Implisense GmbH, which contribute technologies and know-how in the area of Semantic Web, data integration and AI analysis.
  • big data partners – DATEV eG, which manages data from 2.6 million German companies via its network of consultants, including about 73% of all German SMEs; the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), with its large historical data pool
  • Associations – Self-Regulating Information Economy (SRIW), which brings in a decidedly legal perspective
  • Large companies in the IT industry – Siemens and Infineon, which play a leading role in the development of the use cases


A network of currently 12 associates and supporters, e.g. Wiisenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), NEC-Laboratories, Bosch, ECON, several law firms from the field of business and tax consulting, agricultural association iak, KI-Hub Sachsen, business development of the city of Leipzig, etc., additionally ensures the broad networking of the project and sustainable use of the results. Further networking in the form of associated partnerships and subcontracts is one of the declared goals of the project as it progresses. We are looking forward to further support. Please contact us for this purpose.

Project partners

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