Solution approach

Platform functionalities and cloud computing

In order to place decisions and actions in the context of crisis management on a valid data basis in the future, CoyPu follows a platform approach, which enables the economic development of data-driven processes and a scaling use of applications. Typical challenges of data-driven business processes are solved by available platform functionalities, e.g. support of data quality assurance by AI components, anonymization and data privacy compliant data sharing and linking with public resources on different levels of granularity as well as by using cloud computing resources.


Open web standards and multiple knowledge graphs

The use of semantic technologies (RDF, OWL, SPARQL) enables the interoperability of data and “cross-silo” queries with decentralized data storage. Based on the multigraph concept, macroeconomically relevant and market-specific data are available as well as fine-granular company data that can be integrated on an ad hoc basis for the application of semantic AI methods (e.g., geographic trend monitoring) to provide specific, economic insights to concrete companies.


Semantic Modeling and Hybrid AI

In the application and extension of AI methods, especially from the field of machine learning, novel possibilities of combining statistical and semantic approaches are to be explored, in the sense of semantic AI or hybrid AI. Based on the cognitive approach of semantic modeling of data - according to relevant domain concepts - not only the quality of integration, search and retrieval of data can be raised to a new level, but also barriers regarding applicability, interpretability and explainability of AI methods can be effectively reduced.


Flexible user interfaces and dashboards

Finally, intuitive, generic user interfaces (visualization, question answering) and individually configurable dashboards, as well as various AaPIs, will support the usability of the created resource by subject matter experts from the various aDivisions. User interfaces are provided, e.g. in the form of various dashboards and alarms, which e.g. visually display company-, industry- or market-specific key figures, risks, trends, etc. and serve as a basis for risk or aaaa situation assessments or derivation of options for action.


Project partners

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